HWD Feature Questionnaire
HWD Feature Questionnaire (Page 1 of 1)
Thanks for taking the time to fill this out.  Your answers will help me design an awesome app that does what you need it to do.  :)

~ Kris Freeberg, Economist (360) 224-4322, kris@makinendsmeet.com
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1) Name?
2) Phone?
3) Email?
4) Would you like to break your Jobs into Phases, then group Tasks by Phase (Jobs>Phases>Tasks vs. Jobs>Tasks)?
Yes No
5) Do you value your work from the top down (Job>Phase>Task), or from the bottom up (Task>Phase>Job)?
6) Would you like the ability to produce a Gantt-style project management time line report?
(Don't know what that is? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gantt_chart)
Yes No
7) Would you like to calendar tasks, back-dating from a key event or events, and providing your firm with a work schedule, or treat them as a "To-Do" list?
Back-Date & Calendar --> Work Schedule
8) If you answered yes to #7, what name(s) would you give this/these key event(s)?
9) Would you like to be able to compare "expecteds" and "actuals", for both time and money?
Yes No
10) Would you like staff to account for all of their time, both billable and non-billable?
Yes No
11) Is multi-tasking important to you (or would you prefer more of a "One Thing" culture at your firm)?
Yes No
12) In what units do you measure and price your products or services (check all that apply)?
Square Feet
Bid or Fixed Fee
Individual Units
Groups of Units (Cases, Boxes, etc.)
Time & Materials
Other - please elaborate below
13) If you checked "Other" above, please elaborate:
14) Do you need a Status Report for your manufacturing process, like a Kanban Board?
Yes No
15) Do you have multiple divisions or locations?
Yes No
16) Anything else?
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