Real Estate Brokerage Management System Survey
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Hi, thanks for participating in this survey!
1) What is your role?
1A) If Other, please specify:
2) Years of experience?
3) Does your brokerage have a management system that agents use? (If no, skip to #4.)
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3A) If so, what is it?
3B) Other - please specify:
3C) How do you feel about it?
3D) What do you love about it?
3E) What don't you like about it?
3F) Cost?
4) If your brokerage does not currently use a management system, do you want one?
5A) What features would your ideal system include?
Contact/Lead Management
Email Drip Campaigns
Web site design
Web site analytics
Document Management
Electronic Signatures
Property Management
Social Media Marketing
Showings Management
Internet Data Exchange (IDX)
Follow up reminders
5B) Any other features not listed above?

5C) Of all possible features listed in 5A above, what would you say are the three most important?
5C1) Most important feature:
5C2) 2nd most important feature:
5C3) 3rd most important feature:

6) In your opinion, what is currently the best system on the market, and why?
6A) Best system:
6B) Reason:
7A) Would you like to receive follow-up sharing this survey's findings?
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7B) Email address?
8) Would you like help finding & deploying a management system for your brokerage?
Yes No
9A) Would you like to learn other ways Making End$ Meet can help your brokerage thrive?
Yes No
9B) If you answered yes to 9A, what kind of help interests you?
Long term planning
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Custom Application Developement
Project Management
Marketing Plans
Web Site Analytics
Investment Research
Application Development
Other - describe below
10) Anything else? Questions / Comments / Suggestions?
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