Conversation: What Men Want (?)
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Thank you for being willing to participate in this conversation. I've invited you to participate in it because based on what little I know about you, I think you're magnificent, and I'm hoping that you might be my Muse.

This online interview was inspired by, and is based on, these Muse Traits which you can download, print, and study. The interview is three pages long, and should take less than a half hour to complete. It invites you to evaluate yourself on them on a 0-5 scale, as well as contribute your own thoughts.

Thank you again, and I hope you find this experience enriching by helping you find "The One", understand "What Men Want" (at least this man), and become an even more magnificent woman than I think you already are.

With much gratitude, sincerity, appreciation, admiration, and respect,

Kris Freeberg
(360) 224-4322

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The 23 Muse Traits
1. Availability
Are you single, free of distractions from unfinished business like ex husbands and children?

Do you have adequate "bandwidth" (time, energy, attention, focus) for RelDev (Relationship Development)?

Are you truly ready to enter the dating arena responsibly, not trying to sneak or inveigle your way into it?

Do you enter the arena through the door, not a window?
Please rate your Availability on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Availability?

2. Beauty
Do you have a danceable, voluptuous hourglass “slim thick” figure along the lines of 38-25-38 or so, and a pretty symmetric face that makeup may enhance, but needn't conceal?

Do you not require hours to primp, applying the 80/20 rule to beautification in terms of both time management and personal care products? Are you not literally two-faced (plain face & made up face unrecognizeably different)?

Do you have a tight waist, not letting yourself go, eating secretly, then lying about it by blaming childbirth, etc.?

Are you self-disciplined, self-respectful, honest, & dignified, and do you manifest this self-discipline, self-respect, honesty, and dignity in your comportment?
Please rate your Beauty on a scale of 0-5. *
If you please, what are your measurements?
Have you undergone any figure-enhancing cosmetic surgery?
Yes No
Do you want to undergo any figure-enhancing cosmetic surgery in the future?
Yes No
What are your thoughts on Beauty?

3. Artistry
Are you artistic, but not “artsy” like a silly Bohemian hippy? Are you both classic and classy? Do you agree that Artistry includes aesthetic sensibility, culture, sense of style, and that it applies to all arts, not just visual arts: poetry, music, song, dance, architecture, interior design, fashion, etc.?

As far as fashion is concerned, do you favor tasteful form fitting belted skirts & dresses? Do you NOT wear ripped jeans that make you look like a ragmuffin, or “live” in leotards/yoga pants/Lululemon because you're immodest and/or too lazy to put an ensemble together? Do you NOT wear tacky animal prints that suggest that you are beastly?

Do you recognize & respect the integral relationship between Art and Philosophy? Do you agree that art isn't just about pretty images; that it's about meaning? Do you recognize the difference between medium and message, between means and ends, and avoid getting caught up in media and means? Do you keep your ends clearly in view and avoid letting the tail wag the dog?
Please rate your Artistry on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Artistry?

4. Wisdom
Do you love wisdom? Are you philosophical? ("Philosophy" means "love of wisdom." "Philo" = love, "Sophia" = wisdom.)

Do you think independently?

Are you IMMUNE (not merely resistant) to peer pressure, or do you have a "posse" of "BFFs" whom you let manipulate you into doing regrettable things?
Please rate your Wisdom on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Wisdom?

5. Grace
Are you both graceful and gracious?
Please rate your Grace on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Grace?

6. Intelligence
Are you well-spoken?

Are you competent in grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

Do you know the difference between a subject and an object? For example are you clear on the differences between "I" and "me", or between "who" and "whom", and are you in the habit of using them properly?

Do you understand homophones (to/two/too, they're/their/there, your/you're, etc.) and keep them straight?

Do you know how to use an apostrophe?

Are you clear on the difference between Discernment and Judgement? (Discernment notices; Judgement imposes consequences. Juries discern; judges judge.)

Are you clear on the difference between Adamant and Obstinate? (Adamant is like a diamond: beautiful, hard, and principled. Obstinate is stupid, unprincipled, selfish, and arbitrary like a jackass.)

Are you clear on the difference between Guilt (a fact), and Shame (a feeling)?

Do you agree that Guilt is not a subjective feeling that can be un-felt through positive self-talk, but that it's an objective fact that must be acknowledged honestly and bravely, and that best efforts must be made to make amends?

Do you write like you speak, and speak like you write?

Are you careful to respect people's humanity by "who-ing" them instead of "thatting" them, cognizant that people are not things?

Are you NOT a “Like Addict”?

Do you NOT practice vocal fry or uptalk? Do you speak like an adult? Is your voice not irritating, but rather melodious, pleasing, and comforting?
Please rate your Intelligence on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Intelligence?

7. Culture
Are you informed about history and current events?

Are you aware of your surroundings in both space and time?

Are you a Citizen, not an Idiot in the literal sense of one who does not pay attention to or care about anything that does not affect you directly?

Do you know what Solipsism is, and are you committed to resisting it?
Please rate how Cultured you are on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Culture?

8. Spirituality
Do you believe in God? Do you pray regularly? Do you think critically and independently about Christianity? Do you acknowledge its problems, not trying to look the other way, bury your head in the sand, or sweep them under the rug?
Please rate your Spirituality on a scale of 0-5. *
Have you read the whole Bible from cover to cover, no skipping? *
Yes No
Have you read the whole Bible from cover to cover more than once? *
Yes No
What are your thoughts on Spirituality?

9. Composure
Are you composed? Are you NOT a dissolute "hot mess"?
Please rate your Composure on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Composition and Composure?

10. Wit
Do you have a sense of humor? Do you "get” jokes without having to have them explained to you? Can you crack a few yourself?
Please rate your Wit on a scale of 0-5. *
What are your thoughts on Humor and Wit?
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